Constructed in 1892 for the Richelieu and Ontario Navigation Co. she sailed under the names Columbian and Brockville (above) before being christened the Rapids Queen in 1909. She transported passengers along the Lachine Rapids with the Rapids King and Rapids Prince.

boat0049She was taken out of service in 1920 and was idle until 1932 when she was towed to Morrisburg where she became Canada’s first floating hotel. She stayed in Morrisburg until 1935 when she was acquired by the Ontario and Quebec Lines to sail between Montreal and Toronto. In 1938, she was sold and converted into oil bunker C.D.110 to transport oil up the lower St. Lawrence.


The opening of the St. Lawrence Seaway in 1959, made C.D.110 idle once again. She was towed to Kingston harbour. She stayed there until 1978 when the Queen City Yacht Club of Toronto purchased the hull to act as a breakwater for the entrance to the club’s lagoon.

boat0050She still acts as a floating breakwater today. The name Rapids Queen has been restored to her bow.


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